Each room is distinctive in its style, not least in the choice of the name of a rare pig breed to identify itself to guests. Luxury is not a rarity in your chosen room; big fluffy towels, rich décor, sumptuous textiles and sleep inducing beds await your stay at the Flitch of Bacon.

- Monday to Thursday, £120, Bed and Breakfast (single occupancy)

- Monday to Thursday, £135, Bed and Breakfast (double occupancy)

- Friday, Saturday and special events (E.g. Guest Chef Nights, Christmas and New Year, £150, Bed and Breakfast) 

Please be aware that we reserve the right to charge any cost of damage done to the rooms or missing items during your stay.

Please note that all rooms are non smoking, a charge will be administrated should this be breached.

To book one of our rooms please use the online booking system or alternatively call us on 01371 821660

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