From farm to Flitch

free range eggs

Our promise to you

Fresh, seasonal, local and unpretentious

At the Flitch of Bacon, we aim to make all of our dishes with the freshest local ingredients. Allowing you to enjoy food that is grown on your doorstep. We are passionate about local, seasonal ingredients and producers and they are dedicated to providing us with the highest quality, seasonal

Ethically sourced

Handpicked and lovingly prepared

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful bounty of local growers who harvest the coast, forests and marshlands for high quality and sustainable produce and ingredients.

Homegrown and humble

Wonderfully simple food

Dedicated to using only the freshest ingredients. We grow some of our own supplies to add to our dishes. Choosing to grow seasonal fruits, herbs and flowers all year round.

Going the distance

Less haste, less waste

We always like to take our produce as far as it can go. Preserving leftover ingredients and reducing food waste. Often making our own jams, sauces and pickled veg. This season we have made pickled carrots, kimchi, crabapple jelly and spiced cranberries.